Stories - Gramma’s Kitchen

“I have worked at Gramma’s Kitchen for 15 years. I feel like we are family here and we enjoy our guests. They might only come in once or twice a year, but it really is like family you only see on the holidays. We have a great time at work and love it when a guest has enjoyed spending time with us too. I know people have a lot of other places they can eat and may feel that they are all the same, but we are not. We enjoy each and every person that walks in the door. The best thing about our staff is that we are all very close and care about each other. We have a staff that wants to hear our guest say ‘It was wonderful’ and not just okay. We dont want to be okay, we want to be wonderful.

Please come see us sometime, we would really like to get to know you as well as we know our other guests.”

-Linda Kuehl